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Gruv Gear Fret Wrap String Muter Black

Gruv Gear Fret Wrap 1 Pack

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Buy Gruv Gear Fret Wrap 1 Pack at lowest price online in India

No more need to spend hours practicing dampening the strings to sound clean. Save that time and put it to some good use.

Fret Wraps help you cut overtones and unwanted nuances. Whether you are playing live, in a studio or just practice. It's like an extra muting hand helping you mute strings while you just sound amazing. With Fret Wrap, your playing instantly starts sounding more clean and tight as all the unwanted string noise or ringing is gone. 

  • Remove unwanted string noise
  • Easy to use, just wrap around your guitar/bass neck
  • Durable velcro
  • Adjustable size to help you vary the amount of dampening

FretWraps 1-Packs come in the following sizes:

SM - Fits 4-string basses, 6-string electric and acoustic guitars, and ukuleles
MD - Fits 5-string basses & 6-string classical guitars
LG - Fits 6-string basses & 7- to 8-string guitars
XL - Fits 8- to 12-string basses, Chapman Sticks, double basses & other extended range guitars

Fret Wrap Gruv Gear Dimension

Performance and Recommendation

If you have been using random rubber bands or your mother hair bands on your guitars and basses for quite a time now. Now is the time to say goodbye to those. 

Gruv Gear Fret Wraps are really easy, efficient and reliable solution to dampening that annoying unwanted noise your highly distorted guitars make. With Fret Wraps around your axe neck, you instantly start sounding cleaner, tighter and more amazing. 

Fret Wraps are a must have if you want to sound really clean and amazing. It just instantly takes your playing to the next level.

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