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Blackstar HT 50 Club Head Front


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Buy BLACKSTAR HT CLUB 50 GUITAR AMPLIFIER VALVE HEAD at lowest price online in India

Blackstar HT Club 50 is truly a touring artist Amp head. It's versatile, powerful and sings like a "cuckoo". 

With the ECC83 and EL34 valves, patented ISF control, clean and overdrive channels ranging from 'classic crunch' to 'super saturated lead'. This two-channel head is equally sweet sounding whether at home, in the rehearsal room, studio or club-size venue.

  • 50 Watt valve head: Powerful 50 watt RMS output power ensure that you get enough headroom for amazingly crisp and pure tones. 
  • 2xECC83, 2xEL34:  ECC83 vacuum tube was invented almost 70 years ago and is still an absolute necessity for every electric guitar tube amp and a wide range of hi-fi audio tube amplifiers. ECC83 are known for low self-noise and lush gain and make up for a perfect preamp choice. ECC83 are a part of nearly every tube amp whether you see a Fender, VOX or a Marshall. So what makes HT 50 standout? It's the new age technology and the addition of EL34  Power Amp. EL34 tubes are highly musical with rich smooth and highly detailed texture, without being edgy. Combined with Blackstar Patent ISF technology, sure HT 50 Club head is set to do wonders.
  • Two-foot switchable channels: The guitar amplifier has two channels available for selection, a Clean channel and an Overdrive channel. Using the Volume control while on the Clean channel you are able to deliver everything from a clean sound through to a crunch tone. Alternatively, you can select the Overdrive channel and again use the Gain control, change from a clean sound on the edge of breakup right through to a distorted lead tone.Blackstar HT Club 50
  • Enhanced tone controls: With an onboard 3 band EQ, ISF, Reverb, Overdrive, and Effects loop. You are surely going to have a great time working out your perfect sounding guitar tone. 
  • Patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF): The ISF control works in conjunction with the Tone control. It allows you to choose the exact tone signature you prefer. Fully CCW is a more American characteristic with a tight bottom end and more aggressive middle, and fully CW is a British characteristic which is more ‘woody’ and less aggressive.
  • Clean voice switch/ Overdrive voice switch: Switch it up from cleans to overdrive with a push of a button. Front panel clean/overdrive switch gives you easy access to channel switching.
  • Digital reverb with dark/bright switch: The reverb control sets the overall level of the reverb effect. With the control fully counter clockwise there will be no reverb. Turning the control clockwise will increase the amount of reverb.
  • Speaker emulated output: The Blackstar emulated output design is a new benchmark for pro direct recording. This no-compromise design makes it easy to get your tone to disk and tape. You can also use it to run a line out to a PA.
  • Effects loop: The amp features an effects loop to allow you to connect effects pedals or other professional equipment using the return and send connections. The Effects Loop Level switch sets the effects loop to either +4dBV/-10dBV, which enables you to use it with either professional equipment (+4dBV setting), or with guitar level effects such as effects pedals (-10dBV setting).
  • Master volume: Well you know it. Crank this baby up or shimmer it down. That's what the master volume is for.
  • 2-way footswitch included: No need to move back and forth to change the channel selection. Blackstar Club 50 Head comes with Blackstar FS-8 Footswitch included. 
  • Cool vintage styling: After all, looks are discerning. Blackstar Club 50 comes with all that classy, vintage head design. Sure to turn heads, just by the way it looks.
Technical Specifications
Brand Blackstar
Product Range HT Venue Series
Model HT Club 50
Technology Type Valve
Preamp Valves 2 x ECC83
Poweramp Valves 2 x EL34
Wattage 50
Inputs Guitar Input
Controls Clean Volume, Clean Tone, Overdrive Gain, Overdrive Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, ISF, Volume, Reverb
Channels 2 - Clean, Overdrive
Weight 15KG
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) 662 x 300 x 283 (mm)
  • Danny Bryant 
  • Stina Tweeddale
  • El Hefe
  • Sazzad Arefeen 
  • Andrew Pipe
  • Jackie Chambers
  • Kim McAuliffe
  • Leonard Chua
Performance and Recommendation

The HT Club 50 is a highly versatile amplifier suited to a wide range of playing styles and situations.

The Clean Channel has two modes, ‘boutique’ and ‘modern’ and its own Tone control provides a wide range of clean tones. The Voice switch reconfigures both the preamplifier voicing and gain structure, and the power amplifier damping, to reproduce either ringing Class A Performance in the ‘boutique’ mode, or very clean and tight Class AB tones in the ‘modern’ setting. 

Blackstar HT Club 50 Guitar Amp Head

The Overdrive Channel has its own EQ section and a Voice switch which allows the character of the channel to be changed, providing a wide variety of overdriven tones. The channel is characterized by a tone which is high in gain but lacks any of the detached top-end ‘fizz’ often found in similar designs. This is a result of unique preamplifier and power amplifier shaping techniques, which also benefit the player in the way the overdrive cleans up beautifully as the guitar volume is reduced. Even at the most extreme settings, the overdrive channel remains natural sounding.

The patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) control is unique to Blackstar Amplification and represents a major step forward in tone shaping flexibility. The ISF control shifts the response of the three-control tone stack between a US-type response at one end, and at the other a UK-type response. Importantly, in between the two extremes lie an infinite number of alternative tone choices that would be otherwise unavailable.

The HT Club 50 also features a completely natural sounding digital reverb, which is outstandingly musical on both clean and crunch tones and raises the benchmark for guitar amplifier specific reverb design. A Dark/Bright switch allows the overall reverb characteristics to be modified to suit different tastes and playing styles.

We love what Blackstar Club 50 offers and recommend it for the versatile touring artist.

In The Box
  • Blackstar HT 50 H - 1 Unit
  • Blackstar FS-8 Footswitch - 1 Unit.
  • Power Supply - 1 Unit
Owner Manual



 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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