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blackstar ht dist guitar effect pedal front

Blackstar HT DIST Guitar Distortion Effect Pedal


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Buy Blackstar HT DIST Guitar Distortion Effect Pedal at lowest price online in India

HT-Dist is among the most versatile distortion pedals available in the market. By allowing infinite adjustment over the characteristics of the HT-DIST guitar pedal's tone control network, the Patented ISF circuit allows you to effectively design your own tone and find the sound in your head. Add to this the dynamics of the high voltage valve design and a no compromise speaker emulated output and this pedal is a classic amongst modern distortions.

The HT pedal operates on a 300V DC anode supply voltage (High Tension voltage). This is the same used in traditional valve amplifier design and means the circuit has the headroom associated with a true valve design and will 'clean up' accordingly. The pedal will exhibit the compression and distortion characteristics associated with a true valve design.

The Blackstar emulated output design is a new benchmark for pro direct recording. This no-compromise design makes it easy to get your tone to disk and tape. You can also use it to run a line out to a PA.

With the use of bass, middle, treble knobs and ISF feature, you can actually design your own characteristic tone. The ISF control works in conjunction with the Tone control. It allows you to choose the exact tone signature you prefer. Fully CCW is a more American characteristic with a tight bottom end and more aggressive middle, and fully CW is a British characteristic which is more ‘woody’ and less aggressive.

  • Genuine valve design
  • Operates at 300V HT
  • Cascaded valve gain stages
  • Responds like a valve amp
  • Unique enhanced tone controls
  • Patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
  • Fully equipped for stage or studio
  • Speaker emulated output
  • High integrity buffered bypass
  • Power supply included
  • Silent switching
  • Emulated Output
  • Bass, Middle, Treble Knobs
Product Range HT Pedals
Model HT Dist
Technology Type Valve
Preamp Valves ECC83 / 12AX7
Poweramp Valves
Wattage 22V DC
Inputs 1/4 Standard TRS
Controls Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, ISF, Level, Input, Output, Speaker Emulated Output
Channels -
Weight 1.2KG
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) 160 x 119 x 80 (mm)
  • Adam
  • Alan Reilly
  • Andy Cairns
  • Bernd Himsl
  • Dave Leslie
  • Gannin Arnold
  • George Vjestica
  • Gill Norton 

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Owner Manual




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