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TC Electronics Flashback delay effect pedal Top

TC Electronic Flashback Delay Guitar Effect Pedal

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Buy TC Electronic Flashback Delay Guitar Effect Pedal at lowest price online in India

TC Electronic Flashback Dealy is by far the most popular delay pedal out in the market. It's used by hundreds of artist and the reason is simple. It clearly outperforms every other delay pedal in this price range.

Flashback delay is based on the legendary 2290 delay pedal. It offers 11 delay types, audio taping, 40 sec looper, strum to sync and a lot other cool features like Tone Print, True bypass and  Analog Circuit.

Tone print feature lets you download and modify thousands of delay tones, right from your smartphone. Just connect to a PC/MAC using a USB and dial in the delay tone you desire. You can also choose from thousand of tone print artist tones, available as downloadable presets. 

  • 11 delay typesTc Electronic Flashback Delay and Looper
  • Audio tapping
  • Built-in 40 second looper
  • 11 delay types including looper
  • Audio Tapping
  • 7 seconds delay
  • TonePrint enabled
  • 40 seconds looper
  • Stereo in & out
  • True Bypass
  • Analog-Dry-Through
  • Delay Time, Feedback and Repeat controls
  • Spillover on/off
  • Easy battery access
  • Small footprint
  • High quality components
  • Road-ready design 
 Bypass mode  True Bypass (Buffered Bypass optional)
Signal circuitry Analog dry-through
Dimensions (width x depth x height)  72 x 122 x 50 mm – 2.8 x 4.8 x 2.0”
Input connector  2 Standard ¼” jacks – mono/TS with automatic mono/stereo sensing
Output connector  2 Standard ¼” jacks – mono/TS with automatic mono/stereo sensing
Power input  Standard 9 V DC, center negative >100 mA (power supply not included)
Battery option  Standard 9 V (battery not included)
Input impedance  1 MΩ
Output impedance  100 Ω
USB port  Mini USB connector for uploading and editing custom TonePrints and for software updates
  • Andy Summers
  • Brad Whitford
  • Robben Ford
  • Guthrie Govan
  • Omar Rodríguez-López
  • Steve Vai
  • James Munky
  • John Petrucci

Performance and Recommendation
When guitarists talk about delays, they have all those ping-pong, slapbacks, echoes running on their mind.  Tc Electronic Flashback Dealy and looper serves the purpose, no matter what delay type you have imagined in your head. 
It's super rich and a very versatile delay. You get numerous great features like Audio Tapping, Looper, True Bypass, Tone print which just make this pedal amazing. This pedal is so popular because of its rich delay effects and ease of use. Works really well with delay types like tape delay, echo delay, dynamic delay and LO Fi delay. Must have if you want great quality delays with small
TC Electronics Flashback Dealy is a must have if you want great quality delays with small foot print and TC Electronics reliability.

1 Year manufacturer warranty

Owner Manual

 TC ELECTRONICS Flashback Delay Manual

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